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Henry Belov
Henry Belov

Native Instruments Massive Serial Number 18 ((BETTER))

I was wondering how one could go about registering a serial number obtained through NI to a 3rd-party partner. I have located the serial number for Heavyocity's Damage Drum Kit via NI's Native Access, but when attempting to use that to register via Heavyocity's Portal it says that the serial number is not recognized.

native instruments massive serial number 18

Download Zip:

I've recently bought a Kontrol M32 from facebook marketplace. The serial number sticker on the bottom has some of the numbers and letters missing so I can't register it. Is there any way to recover the text that was there?

you can try to use the firmware update tool from that site Downloads : Drivers & Other Files Support (, it should show the serial, but if the serial is registered you are not able to use it.

Hello! I'm looking for some help with my new Maschine. I just received my new gear in the mail yesterday and everything else downloaded fine in Native Access except the Maschine software. I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling Native Access, re-entering the serial number, restarting/updating my computer and it does not show up in Native Access to install. In the screenshot below you can see that the Factory Selection downloaded but I cannot download the software as it will no show up in "Not Installed" after I enter the serial successfully.

Nothing shows up in the "Not Installed" tab after I successfully enter the serial number. I've tried all those steps you've listed. Have tried refreshing, reinstalling Native Access, etc. I have reached out to support but they have not been able to help me so far and were confused at what my problem was in the first place. The chat people forwarded me to the tech email support.

Apologies but I'm not really sure what you're asking. I'm aware that the software has it's own registration and that's the serial I've been trying to use. Whenever I enter it, the software will not show up in my "Not Installed" folder. For some reason I was able to download the Maschine Factory Selection though. Here's the Maschine software that is available on my account and that I've tried to enter/download multiple times without success. Serial numbers are blocked out.

I'm not sure but I think you're missing a serial number in the registry here. I had to search a little longer back then, but there was an extra card with the serial number in the packaging. It might still be the case today.

About a week ago I bought NI Komplete 13 Ultimate CE and I still didn't received anything from NI, except for the automated email where is stated, that I will receive serial numbers soon in diferent email. I also create a ticket after few days but there is no sign at all from NI side.

Similar to the other posts, I placed my order couple of days ago, and have not received the email with the serial number nor does the library show up in my Native Access, even though the payment cleared the PayPal.

Hi @Jev unfortunately some transactions need to be manually processed so there might be a delay in receiving a serial number. If in the future you don't get a serial number from us within 2-3 business days, you can get in touch with our support team directly here:

Today I purchased NI Duets instant download option for 49.99 and received all the confirmation email except the email with the serial number. Has anyone else had this issue? I put in a ticket but have not heard any response. Not sure what is going on!!

It's actually normal and explained in the "Download Information" email that you should have received aswell. NI won't send you an extra email containing your serial number because Native Access will automatically register it to your account.

You can find the serial number directly in your account, under 'My products, serials & downloads', instead. The product itself should also be already visible inside Native Access & ready for download.

Soniccouture is offering a selection of free Kontakt libraries in the Free Stuff section of their website. After signing up for a free Soniccouture account, new users will receive the serial numbers required for library activation in Native Access.

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