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Note: Rather than pay your entire tuition upfront, you can also break payments up into affordable installments. Customize your payment plan to meet your needs with 0% interest so you never pay more than what's advertised.
Please contact the school at 
301-881-5700  or to set up a payment plan or choose your class location link to  set up your tuition payment plan .

DC tuitions click Here | NC tuitions click Here | MD tuition click Here



 North Carolina click the link  see if you qualify for full tution payment

2024 Moore Hope Scholarship for Maryland students 
The MOORE-Hope Scholarship  provides $1000  financial assistance to single mothers pursuing an enhanced quality of life for their children and themselves through education in Degree or short- term training and
certification programs. 
Applicants must be:
1. A single woman, single parent, low-income household and without a degree
2. A resident of Montgomery County or a surrounding county and a U.S. Citizen
3. Accepted for admission to an associate degree program, a one year or a Certificate program that leads to a profession that will allow them to later go for an advanced degree.
Other Requirements:
4. Verification of acceptance and enrollment will be required.
5. The Scholarship is not renewable.
Please send a email to for more information

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