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Junip - Fields [2010].zip

Junip - Fields: The Swedish Indie Folk Band's First Full-Length Album (Zip File)

Junip is a band from Sweden that consists of Josà GonzÃlez on vocals and guitar, Tobias Winterkorn on keyboards and organ, and Elias Araya on drums. The band was formed in 1998, but they only released their first full-length album in 2010. The album, called Fields, is a masterpiece of indie folk music that combines acoustic guitars, organs, drums, and vocals.

Junip - Fields [2010].zip


Fields has 11 tracks that display Junip's creativity and originality as a band. The songs are full of melody and harmony, with lyrics that touch on topics such as life, love, and dreams. The album also features some guest musicians, such as Erik Bodin of Little Dragon on tambourine, Don Alstherberg on bass and piano, Joel Westberg on percussion, and Per StÃhlberg on electric guitar.

The album begins with "In Every Direction", a bright and energetic song that encourages the listener to explore different paths. The song is followed by "Always", a mellow and introspective song that questions the meaning of existence. The album then continues with songs like "Rope & Summit", "Without You", and "It's Alright", which express feelings of romance, nostalgia, and optimism. Junip also experiments with different genres and influences, such as the psychedelic "Howl", the folk-rock "Sweet & Bitter", and the ambient "Tide". The album ends with "Tide", a powerful and emotional song that climaxes with a brilliant guitar solo by GonzÃlez.

Fields is an album that proves Junip's talent and potential as a band. It is a stunning and original work that captivates the listener with its beauty and depth. If you want to listen to Fields, you can download it in zip format from this link: You can also visit Junip's website for more information about the band and their other albums.

Junip is a band that has been around for more than two decades, but they have not been very active in the music scene. They have only released two EPs, Black Refuge in 2006 and Rope & Summit in 2010, before releasing their first full-length album. The band members have also been involved in other projects, such as GonzÃlez's solo career and Winterkorn's electronic music.

However, Junip is not a side project or a hobby for the band members. It is a passion and a commitment that they share. They have a strong friendship and a musical chemistry that makes them work well together. They have also developed a loyal fan base that appreciates their music and supports their endeavors.

Junip is a band that deserves more recognition and attention for their music. They are a band that creates music that is authentic and inspiring. They are a band that has a lot to offer to the indie folk genre and to the music world in general. They are a band that you should listen to and enjoy.

Junip is a band that has a distinctive and original sound that sets them apart from other indie folk bands. They have a sound that is influenced by various genres and cultures, such as Latin American music, Swedish folk music, and psychedelic rock. They have a sound that is organic and natural, using mostly acoustic instruments and minimal effects. They have a sound that is warm and inviting, with soothing vocals and harmonies.

Junip is a band that has a lot of talent and skill as musicians and songwriters. They have a talent for creating catchy and memorable melodies that stick in the listener's mind. They have a skill for crafting lyrics that are poetic and meaningful, that convey emotions and stories. They have a talent for playing their instruments with precision and flair, creating rich and complex arrangements.

Junip is a band that has a vision and a purpose for their music. They have a vision of making music that is honest and sincere, that reflects their personalities and experiences. They have a purpose of making music that is uplifting and inspiring, that connects with the listener and makes them feel something. They have a vision of making music that is timeless and universal, that transcends boundaries and genres. c481cea774


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