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Henry Belov
Henry Belov

Al Koran Bring Out The Magic In Your Mind Pdf Download !!TOP!!

After appearing in many concerts and studying astrology, psychology, and Yoga (under a Tibetan monk then living abroad), I decided that my future career lay not in conjuring, but in that more intangible field of magic of the mind.

Al Koran Bring Out The Magic In Your Mind Pdf Download

And that is why I am writing this book. Its purpose is to help you resolve your problems by proving to you that there is magic in your mind, only waiting to be drawn out. I want to tell you how to attain all your wildest dreams.

By the power of this magic in your mind, once it is released, you will have that gleaming car, that luxurious house, that holiday in the sun. Why spend time and money on gambling on horses or bingo? You can have that fabulous wealth without spending your time and money like that. And it will be much more satisfying. Every day will be an exciting, happy day, when you will work magic for yourself.

I wonder sometimes, when I reflect upon the endless questions that I placed before the wisdom of my mother, if she ever guessed that during the years which were to follow in my development to manhood, my insatiable curiosity for delving into the magic of the mind would lead me to attend meetings of a scientific, spiritual and occult nature, and that with that same insatiable curiosity I should try to get into the minds of great men and women of history by reading and making myself familiar with their lives. Would she guess, too, that I should meet and speak with many outstanding personalities in all lines of human endeavor, searching, searching for the answer of what it was that had taken them to the top?

Tell anyone how you hope to get this and get that by magic, and they will throw cold water over you, as it were. They will laugh and think you crazy. They will drop doubts in your way and close your channels with their negative words.

In using this science (which is given you with the complete knowledge that no matter how you use it, you will get results), I give you a warning. Never use it for harmful or evil purposes. Since the beginning of man there have been two great forces at work: good and evil. Both are terrifically powerful in their respective cycles. I cannot emphasize this too strongly. If you employ your magic for harmful or evil purposes, it will boomerang and destroy you. These are not idle words. They are very solemn words. Black magic and white magic are based on the same principles.

The North of the magnetic pole is positive, and the South is negative. Every time you are negative in your thoughts and words, you automatically separate yourself from your electro-magnetism. A positive condition is always a magnetic condition, a condition that brings out the magic. 350c69d7ab


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