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Randy Goodall
Randy Goodall

Frankenstrat Templates

Now, 15 years later, I have decided to strip it back, as it was simply sitting in a cupboard doing nothing, and proceed to convert it into a frankenstrat! Here you see the guitar being stripped, with the assistance of an orbital sander.

Frankenstrat Templates


Remember however, that Eddie did all of this taping freehand and completely randomly. This is not a precision exercise, however if you wish to copy exactly what is on the original, I have drawn as closely as possible in my templates.

hi John!nope, these photos are in correct order.So first, spray the undercoat.Follow this with black all overTape according to the templates provided, and spray white.Remove the tapeRe-tape according to the template provided, and now spray red (not too thickly, as Eddie painted it thinly, showing sections of black and white through the red)

Lynn Ellsworth officially created Boogie Bodies sometime in 1976 and partnered with Jim Warmoth, a retired watch maker and steel worker, to help create templates and machinery to increase production, especially in the neck department. Boogie Bodies supplied bodies to mainly Wayne Charvel but also briefly to Dimarzio and Mighty Mite. 076b4e4f54


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