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Student Testimonials

Instructor Jess is giving a certificate of completion to a student who passed the Radiology Prep Course.

We regularly update this page with student testimonials. Thank you for visiting our website today.

7 Responses to “Student Testimonials”

  1. Maggie Stones says:

    Hands On Dental Training School was more than welcoming, providing a tour of the school and answers to any questions I had about dental school and the admissions process. I would recommend this course to anyone considering applying to dental school.

  2. Allie Johnson says:

    The classes are unique and a wonderful opportunity providing me with the hands-on experience. I always wanted to be a dental assistant and this is why I choose hands on dental assistant training school. I completed the training in 6 weeks.

  3. Alyssa Gaines says:

    The classes and teachers were very supportive and helpful. I am grateful for the amount of attention I received with the smaller labs.

  4. Marinela anez says:

    I went to Hands on D.a.t. And it was a great school for me, the teachers are qualified and well trained, they support me and I learned a lot. I came from another country just to take this classes before continue with my education in Dentistry and I am so grateful for choosing this school and I highly recommended!!! Thank you 🙂

  5. Ryan says:

    This program was really helpful in introducing me to the field of Dentistry. It gave me a strong foundation of the field and how exciting and fun Dentistry can be through their hands on clinical lessons. With their Externship opportunity towards the end, I was able to gain valuable experience at a dental office. Through this Externship is where I was offered a parttime dental assisting job, in which I didn’t expect. As a prospective dental student one day, I can honestly say HandsonDAT has assisted me in moving forward with my dental studies. Thanks Ms.Fatima and the rest of staff. Oh, did I also mention that they have the cheapest tuition that that you will find anywhere in the state of Maryland? Every dental assisting program wants $5,000+ to train you. Their tuition is under $3,000 and you get just as much training as you do going to a $20,000+ community college training.

  6. Fariba says:

    I took the Radiology class. Ms. Fatima was helpful by finding a dental office
    for me to do my externship. I like the staff and Dr. Doh. They were very nice
    and helpful. I feel more confident and satisfied now.

  7. Nalini says:

    I have taken Radiology online class and Expanded function class. I loved the instructors Jess and Tanya. They have taught me in detail and made me more confident to work at dental office. Fatima is the director of the company gave me a strength and confident to achieved my goals. She had taught me how to suction and break down the patient room.I just wanted to let you know that because of Fatima I have met Dr.Doh and he has allow me to do an internship at his office. ONE OF THE BEST SCHOOL TO START YOUR CARRIER AS DENTAL ASSISTANT.

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