Fatima Oglesby-Morris




In Memory of
Mary J. Carter DA

Fatima Oglesby-Morris, RDH is Howard University educated and a entrepreneur. Fatima is the CEO and Owner of Hands On Dental Assistant Training School. Fatima was a volunteer dental assistant at St. Elizabeth Hospital in Washington,D.C during her senior year of high school in 1983. Her mentor Mary J. Carter who was also a dental assistant at St. Elizabeth taught Fatima how to assist the dentist and how to use the dental tools and equipment. Fatima got hands on dental assistant training and found it much easier and fun to learn dental assistant skills in a fully equipped dental office. Fatima enjoy the dental profession and continued her education in the dental hygiene program at Howard University. After working for 25 years as a Dental Hygienist Fatima realized the need for trained dental assistants and wrote a curriculum to teach students hands on dental assistant training in a fully equipped dental office. Becoming a dental assistant is an important member of the dental team.

Fatima ‘s mission is to provide dental assistant training to students who want to entry the dental field as a trained dental assistant. Fatima’s school educates students about the role of the dental assistant and prepare them to become a certified dental assistant. Students learn how to take X-Rays, take dental impressions, prep patients for dental procedures, learn dental tools/terminology and get CPR certified in a fully equipped dental office.

Fatima’s school is a full program approved by Maryland State Board of Dental Examiners.

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